Welcome to August 2023 Cycle Proposal Review! These calls are a time for proposal authors to present their proposals and answer questions from the community before they move through the voting process in the current cycle. The proposal in the Discussion phase listed below will move on to the Formal Review phase of governance, including a Snapshot poll, next week (August 14th).

Active Discussion for this cycle:

[Discussion] Fund Radworks Dependancies with Drips: https://community.radworks.org/t/discussion-fund-radworks-dependencies-with-drips-proposal/3357/13

02:16 Proposal overview from proposal author

12:16 Transaction Flow & Proposal Code

19:14 Which Orgs & splitting of funds

33:15 Duplicates of dependancies between Org lists

34:01 Changes to dependency lists

45:42 What happens after fund start being streamed? How are recipients supported?

SUMMARY of Discussion Points & Questions from the call: