<aside> 🚨 This research was conducted in 2022 and has not been updated since Jan 2023. Please be sure to check the most recent developments with the projects linked below.


<aside> ℹ️ This collection of DAO tooling projects is a mix of those have scheduled demos with on Discord and other relavant projects that might be useful to the community as Radicle works towards transitioning to the DAO.

🌱 Under each tool you will find a note either from general research or from the demos. The callouts under each tool provide a bit of context as to how the tools could be useful for Radicle in our transition to the DAO.

🔑 The status of each tools indicated by the key is definitely subject to change as the we flesh out details of the DAO transition via the other three workstreams.

✍️ This list is curated by the DAO Tooling Workstream led by Shelby. (see relavant forum posts here and here)


Other DAO Tooling Boards:

👉 Messari Governance Tools

👉 DAO Tooling Matrix Google Sheet

🔑  Tooling Key

🔵  Already using & satisfied

🟠  Already using but could improve

🟢  Potential best fit for initial needs/recommended to test out

🟡  Currently testing

⚪ Keep in mind for later/up to team to use


📢  Communication/DAO Management