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Thanks to everyone who joined our twelfth Governance Call! 🏛️

To maintain a public record of the discussion, we’re sharing the call notes below. A recording of the call can be found above.

Governance Updates

[Formal Review] Radicle // Gitcoin Public Goods Alliance - This proposal recently passed in an off-chain vote and will be moving on to the final stage of governance and be put to an on-chain vote. This proposal from the Llama team aims to provide a mutual grant of their respective native tokens (RAD and GTC) to the partner DAO’s treasury to grow the public goods ecosystem while simultaneously distributing voting power to a value-aligned partner. Two representatives from Llama were on the call to walk us through the proposal and answer questions.

[Temperature Check] Make ETH investment with treasury USDC funds - This temp check proposes to use $10M to purchase ETH or stETH at the current prices to hold long term (2+ years) in the treasury. This proposal is waiting to be moved forward by the proposal champion, and has also sparked a larger treasury diversification discussion. We expect to see more posts around treasury diversification/strategy coming soon.

EGF Updates: You can find all new proposals on the EFG dashboard.

Grants Updates: Grant proposals and discussions around them can be found under the Grants section on Discourse.

Enzyme Presentation

Enzyme Finance is a decentralized asset management infrastructure built on Ethereum. Using Enzyme Smart Vaults, individuals and communities can build, scale and monetise investment (or execution) strategies that employ the newest innovations in decentralized finance. A representative from Enzyme was on the call to explain how Enyzyme works, why it could be helpful for Radicle, and to discuss the application for a Radicle grant they plan to post very soon.

Transition to the DAO

Leads from each of the four transition to the DAO workstreams presented their progress, next steps, and challenges so far. The slides from the presentation (incl. all links) are public and can be found here!