<aside> 📹 Call recording!


Thanks to everyone who joined our 18th Governance Call! 🏛️

To maintain a public record of the discussion, we’re sharing the relavant links ****for each section of the call below along with brief notes where needed. A recording of the call can be found above!

🏛️ Governance Proposal Updates

🤝 Governance Core Team Updates

🔮 Transition to the DAO Updates

💰 Grants Update

🗳️ With the context provided by bordumb’s use of Otterspace badges in Radicle Grants, Shelby gives an brief overview of how non-tokenized governance is being imagined for the broader DAO and why exploring this mechanism of distributing influence is so important.

✨  Shelby provides a “soft intro” to some upcoming updates to the governance process & resources that her and Abbey have been brainstorming over the past few weeks. These will be presented and discussion in the form of a Discourse post in early February.