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Thanks to everyone who joined our seventh Governance Working Group call!

To maintain a public record of the discussion, we’re sharing the call notes below. A recording of the call can be found above.


If you haven’t had a chance yet you can check out the 2021 Radicle Governance Wrapped post Abbey & Shelby posted before the last call.

Proposal Updates (Abbey)

Radicle Grants Updates (Abbey)

Delegation (Shelby)

This last month the Governance WG announced a new “active delegate” platform and announcement process for this platform. The platform is meant to give motivated community members the opportunity to take more leadership in the governance process by announcing themselves as Active Delegates. In doing this, they are sending an “application” to the community and RAD holders to be delegated to in voting rounds. This platform also makes it easier for RAD holders to easily find folks to delegate to if they do not want to/are unable to delegate to themselves and participate in governance directly. Shelby runs through the application process and responsibilities of active delegates, and gives an open call to active community members to announce themselves!

Question from audience: “Is there a deadline to announce?”

Answer: No deadline! The platform will remain open and people can announce (and un-announce) themselves when they like.

You can announce yourself as an active delegate here.

Ecosystem Speaker

Dennison from Tally gave us a rundown of Tally’s gas refunder. It acts as a trust-less on-chain gas refunder that can refund up to 99% of gas fees spent on governance voting. It has the ability to apply custom parameters such as max refund amounts, pre-quorum only refunding, and validation functions (NFTs, certain amount delegated to wallet) to be refunded. Yes, we were also drooling at this point too!

This refunder is not yet used in production anywhere as it still needs to be audited. More to come out of this project after ETH Denver commences. Listen in for the rest of the discussion and more details to the project!