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Thanks to everyone who joined our ninth Governance Working Group call!

To maintain a public record of the discussion, we’re sharing the call notes below. A recording of the call can be found above.

Reminders from the Governance Core Team

Open Discussion - Next Phase of the Radicle DAO

We spent the majority of this call diving deeper into each workstream and listening to thoughts and questions from the community. We HIGHLY recommend you give the forum post a read to get the most out of the discussions in the call. Community members such as nas#9634, bordumb#6773, Shelb_ee#9785 and LukeF#5905 weigh in on a few points along the way. Please find the discussion around each workstream at the timestamps below: - (Min 11:46) Proposing Org Design: Transition all Foundation-funded Core Teams (and Foundation responsibilities) to a DAO-funded organizational structure. Core Teams become self-managed entities that are funded via the Treasury. Their budgets and objectives require community review & approval. - (Min 16:11) Distribution of Ownership: Devise and implement an active strategy for distributing RAD token rewards among network stakeholders - (Min 30:22) Distribution of Influence: Design and implement a strategy for distributing non-financialized governing power within the Radicle ecosystem - (Min 42:30) Re-evaluating the RadicleDAO stack: Do an “audit” of our governance tooling stack, processes, and parameters to ensure a well-functioning and accessible DAO.