<aside> đź“ą Call recording coming soon!


Thanks to everyone who joined our 19th Governance Call! 🏛️

To maintain a public record of the discussion, we’re sharing the relavant links ****for each section of the call below along with brief notes where needed. A recording of the call can be found above!

<aside> 🚨 This will be the last governance call in this format! To align with the new DAO Org model, we will be sharing updates in the quarterly DAO-wide calls alongside the other orgs. We will also be changing the format of monthly calls to only discuss open proposals at the time. If the Governance Improvements Proposal passes, these calls will align with the monthly voting cycles proposed there.


🏛️ Governance Proposal Updates

🔮 Transition to the DAO Updates

The rest of contributors will stay within the Radicle Foundation, as part of the emerging Foundation Org. Within the Foundation Org, these contributors will be organized under their domain (e.g. Marketing, Community, Operations). Once these teams are mature enough to operate independently as an Org, the Foundation will support their “transition to the DAO”, similar to Radicle and Drips. The Foundation Org proposal is expected to be on the forum by March 9th.

🤝 Governance Core Team Updates

💰 Grants Update